Illustrated Example: Using C4C as a new mail notifier with Yahoo! Mail.

Check4Change is a powerful tool used to monitor web pages for changes.
In this example, Check4Change is set-up to alert new emails.

This is the initial welcome screen.

To use Check4Change, you select some text which will be monitored for change, and a testing interval.
In this case, we select the number of new mails (currently 17), as new arriving emails will change this number.
Afterwards, a Right-Click brings the Check4Change menu, and we select "Check every 1 minute"

The icon in the tab changes to reflect that this tab is being monitored by C4C.

One a minute the tab is reloaded and the selected text will be checked for change.
Once a new mail comes, the selected text changes to 18, and C4C notifies this.

There are several notification to choose from.
By default, the tab icon shows an animation , and the tab is brought to focus.
Clicking the tab returns it to normal.

The check4change project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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